038: Women Mentorship with Kari Clark

January 22nd, 2020 · 51 mins 27 secs

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Episode 038: Women Mentorship with Kari Clark from Uplift Parents

Welcome, Kari Clark! Kari is the founder Uplift Parents, a coaching service for working moms. She previously worked at Google for 8 years, invented their live case product, and co-created many other products. Kari has two kids and believes that they both made her a better at her job! Interviewing over 100 women, all at the top of their field, Kari breaks down the common threads in successful working moms and how we all can amplify our lives. These are the best tips for working moms!

00:50 Welcome, Kari

  • Had two kids during her time at google
  • Became incredibly focused after kids
  • Interviewing women at the top of their fields (all moms) and created Uplift

02:50 What was the trend of working moms from home and in the office?

  • There is success in many ways
  • Common trend, perspective, empathy and efficiency

04:45 Ruthless efficiency

  • Make more of your time
  • Details are huge after having kids
  • OCD tendencies?!

7:35 How to balance efficiency with rest

  • Uplift offers group or individual coaching sessions and encourages users to get off the hamster wheel and take time to reflect and make sure they are aligned with their path.
  • Take time to savor your coffee, smell the flowers, and remember what’s important!
  • Your careers are long, your kids are only very young for a short time

12:08 Enjoying work-life balance

  • Feeling fulfilled from work, unapologetically, especially for women
  • Creating intentional boundaries to spend time with family

14:10 Pushback from women mentorship

  • Difference between mentorship and coaching
  • Everyone has a nutritionist, trainer, and other specialists, why would you not have one on motherhood??
  • Networking was the number 1 thing that got cut in women’s career post kids

19:50 Not parenting advice, working mom advice

  • New life changes encourage new life habits
  • Uplift promotes big changes
  • 2nd kid offers ease for moms and promotes big changes!

24:30 Moms and dads treated differently

  • Dads are praised more than moms

25:40 Best “Zone Defense” tips for working moms

  • Be kind to yourself!
  • Logistical tip - be creative in how you delegate things
  • Be comfortable with giving your kids responsibility, most will rise to the challenge
  • Assign responsibilities for each partner, and trusting that they are taking care of it

34:20 How to delegate

  • More intentionality behind choices
  • Uplift encourages conversations about household tasks, etc
  • Do you enjoy it? If not, delegate

39:10 Mom data from Uplift Parents

41:15 Genius / Fail moments

  • Kwu’s son falls down the stairs :(
  • Chris takes his son to The Lion King and forgets all diapers…
  • Kari genius/fail combo on his son’s new school schedule
  • Josh realizes he needs help with guiding his daughter academically, but his daughter is totally on board and cooperative #genius #win
  • Allison’s daughter is extra exploratory and discovers essential oils!

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