066: Finding a new job during the pandemic

March 17th, 2021 · 29 mins 14 secs

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66: Finding a new job during the pandemic.

Welcome, Jean Hsu!

Jean Hsu is a writer, coach, and software engineer turned leadership coach after working for a decade in Silicon Valley. She is the VP of engineering at Range Labs and Co-founder of Co Leadership, which focuses on filling the gaps in leadership development in the tech industry. Jean doesn’t miss writing code, but she does miss deleting it.

0:53 Finding a new job during the pandemic

  • Desire strikes for leadership
  • The hiring process

5:20 How did the pandemic change your thought process

  • Intentionality of specific desires - management, leadership, flexibility
  • Enjoying the journey rather than letting comparison or stress take over

7:30 What would Jean do differently now?

  • Finding ways to lean into async communication with a remote team in different time zones, while keeping the team engaged and connected with each other
  • Hybrid mix of in-person and remote is the future for companies

13:13 Pre-pandemic commute tales

  • Feels like a different lifetime

15:40 New expectations for Range during the pandemic

  • Getting rid of the 9-5; windowed work with colored labels
  • Core hours for team meetings
  • Setting boundaries

19:40 Genius and fail moments

  • KWu closed her son’s fingers between a door hinge… #fail
  • Allison’s daughter turns 3 and shines at her yearly doctor's appointment. #genius
  • Jean downloaded TikTok and discovered the best parenting hack to tell your kids to do a task, rather than ask. #genius
  • Chris brings back his daughter's love of Star Wars. #genius

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