063: Fear in Parenting

February 3rd, 2021 · 28 mins 47 secs

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Parent Driven Development

Episode 063: Fear in Parenting

0:40 Fear and stress of parenting

  • From independent… to having dependents
  • Trends of becoming more conservative once a parent

2:50 Decision making process

  • High alert, more burden than non-parents
  • Different decisions and problems at different stages of the kids
  • Background buzz of constant anxiety

6:40 Different stresses

  • Physical dangers for smaller kids, choking hazards
  • Trying to avoid helicopter parenting
  • Screen interest, programming, and patience

10:55 Big anxieties

  • Screen time !! Constant worry and stress for modern parents with kids
  • Augmenting reality through screens - stress for middle school aged parents
  • How to foster new sibling relationships

Siblings Without Rivalry - book

  • How to avoid middle child syndrome with three kids, carve out alone time with each child
  • Feeling guilty to tell kids to play by themselves.. But it’s also important to learn

21:35 Genius and fail moments from the last week

  • KWu moves to a new house and her son is waking every night from terrors or feeling too cold as she’s been keeping the thermostat down real low. #fail
  • Jess’s son is a pretty adventurous eater and recently discovered balsamic vinegar which is now a new favorite! #genius
  • Chris makes biscuits and conjures a family night which turned into a great family time. #genius

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