062: 3-Year Anniversary - Episode Highlights

January 20th, 2021 · 37 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

Parent Driven Development

062: Celebrating Our Favorite Episodes from the past 3 Years!

Episode Highlights

KWu, Chris, Josh, and Allison reflect on the past 3-years of podcasting. They touch on their favorite episodes and guests over the years, as well as some favorite parenting genius and fail moments!

1:30 Episode 43 - Managing parents on your team with Nick Means

3:10 Episode 19 - Being Adults, Live from Ruby Conf with Jonan Scheffler

7:25 Episode 11 - Being a Trans-Parent with Jess Szmajda

10:35 Episode 26 - Breastfeeding with Allison, Mandy, and KWu

13:06 Episode 13 - Babies at Work Program with Leah Silber

14:38 Episode 39 - Parenting Roles and Gender Equity with Richard Schneeman

15:50 Episode 34 - Extracurricular Activities with Barrett Clark

18:18 Episode 20 - Fertility Struggles with Adam Cuppy

19:55 Josh's rememberable genuis and fail moments

22:40 Genius / fails

  • Allison questions herself as a parent due to a Hanukkah gift gone wrong
  • Josh bans Elf on Shelf and his daughter starts to question Santa Claus
  • Chris nails the Christmas lights on his son’s bed.. But then begins to question everything when he begins to struggle getting his son out of the car to go to school.
  • KWu and her son enjoy a fresh snowfall!

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