041: COVID-19

March 25th, 2020 · 46 mins 33 secs

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Episode 041 : COVID-19

In today's episode we discuss what everyone is talking about, COVID-19. Yes, we talk about it. We're talking about the new normal, full time remote work, childcare - or the lack there of, how to communicate the situation to our children, and what this means for our world moving forward. Tune in!

00:55 COVID-19 check in

  • On a scale of freaking out vs totally chill… How many tweets are you reading?
  • Self quarantine pre plan
  • Chris has a dry run when his son catches the flu... *The actual flu.

05:40 The new normal

  • Will grocery stores shut down?
  • Limit social outings
  • Sports, events, and all gatherings are being cancelled… more of an inconvenience

09:10 Tech has shut. it. down.

  • Everyone is working for home, asap
  • What’s the deal with other industries?
  • If you can stay home, stay home

13:20 New policies

  • What about goals?
  • College kids subbing as the new neighborhood babysitters
  • Privilege in steady jobs
  • Preschools and schools - some open vs. some closed

24:10 What about the kids?

  • Toddlers situation.. They need room to move, but also need to be hand-washed supervised
  • Parenting milestones

27:55 Full time work from home

  • Hermit life has become even more hermit-y
  • Parenting switch offs

29:15 How to communicate covid-19 to our children

  • One kid was shown a picture of the virus.. So now all the kids in preschool want to see a picture of the virus
  • Middle school kids are informed with a bit more detail
  • Those are the rules!
  • No more toys at school

37:28 Genius // fail

  • Chris blames the cats… but they were framed!! By his corgi
  • Allison has a COVID-19 #fail
  • KWu’s strategy is to switch over to online purchases when possible.. Minimal contact #genius

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Allison McMillan
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