045: Miriam Tocino: Zerus and Ona

May 27th, 2020 · 43 mins 12 secs

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Episode 045: Miriam Tocino - Zerus and Ona

01:56 Welcome Miriam!

Zerus & Ona were born from Miriam's own circumstances as a mom. By the time she had her baby, Miriam was the coordinator and teacher of a Development Bootcamp in Amsterdam. So, when the time came to go back to work (her son was 3 months old), she jumped back. After some weeks in the job, Miriam realised she couldn't do it. She was constantly sleep deprived and with no help around from family (we're expats). Miriam quit her job and stayed at home with her baby. She then started to use his naps to draw and write Zerus & Ona.

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03:29 Orgins of Zerus and Ona

  • Miriam was leading tech bootcamps, then got pregnant
  • Her baby was more work than expected ;)
  • Miriam returns to work, but quit after a few weeks after returning
  • Sleep deprived evenings inspired new ideas!

08:40 Finding more intention as a new mom

  • Thriving through a creative outlet
  • Craving more information for her child in the future, specifically around TECH
  • Motherhood and creativity are interconnected
  • 2 year journey to build Zerus and Ona

15:05 Switching from architecture to tech to creative children’s books

  • Binge learning and career switching
  • No regrets

19:05 Zerus and Ona “bits”

  • Breaking down complex topics to make them easily understandable
  • Miriam switches from thinking with her head, to listening with her heart.
  • Unlocking creativity through The Artist's Way
  • Intuitive writing, journaling and play!

28:15 Zerus and Ona 2.0

  • Evolution of creating the books
  • If you’re thinking of making a move, do it!
  • Learning to move on from perfectionism

32:20 Genius / Fail moments

  • Miriam allows her son a device while she finishes a project (unheard of in her house), only to discover all her original drawings of Zerus and Ona are GONE afterwards. #fail
  • Allison’s son acts out more than usual during a super busy week for the family and realizes that maybe their communication could have been clearer with him from the start #fail
  • Chris commits to structuring a new art piece with his daughter by watching YouTube videos. He ends up paying someone else, but instills a solid mindset in his daughter during the process #genius

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