044: Recipe Swap

May 13th, 2020 · 52 mins 6 secs

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Parent Driven Development

Episode 043: Recipe Swap

01:15 Welcome!

02:04 Feeding kids is a full time job

  • What are your meal time rules?
  • Home delivery meal service
  • Personal chef for the kids?? No…
  • Meal time is meal time, and if the kids don’t eat, tough nuggets.

08:59 Dinner table time

  • Phone vs no phone?
  • Are you a fast eater or slow eater?
  • Time to share conversations with the family
  • Limiting or monitoring the amount of food for kids, do you do this? Sometimes the doctors have given us parents too much to mull over...

13:12 Food as restriction or reward?

19:25 Cook at home vs. ordering out

27:05 Household hacks

40:18 Making the kitchen as your sanctuary

45:40 Genius / Fail moments

  • Mandy has an awesome win when she hears her daughter is totally comfortable with her, including asking her sex-ed questions. You too for older girls #genius
  • Allison’s son chose to wear a bowtie for picture day and it turned out way better than expected! #genius
  • KWu bakes it up with her toddler that he helped make! #genius and delicious muffins for the win.

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Allison McMillan
Mandy Moore

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