023: The Holidays: A Retrospective

February 13th, 2019 · 36 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

** Warning: This episode contains potential holiday spoilers for young children.

Parent Driven Development

Episode 023: The Holidays: A Retrospective

00:18 Spending the holidays with your extended family...

  • When families celebrate different holidays and observe different religions
  • Code-switching

12:28 ...Or spending the holidays alone and making new traditions!

17:00 Compromise and Respect; Expectation Setting

  • When kids are younger, the holidays don't matter as much.
  • You want to pass on things you did as a child to your own child(ren)

25:31 The Reality

  • When no one pays attention to your wishes
  • Thoughts about the future

31:05 Genius / Fail Moments

  • Mandy: Remembered to move the Elf every day this year! (#Genius)
  • Allison: Her and her husband remembered that their local avaition museum membership had a sister museum close to her inlaws. (#Genius)
  • KWu: Her son blew his diaper in the carseat on the way home from her parent's house and uninstalled the carseat. (#Fail)

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Mandy Moore
Allison McMillan