022: Single Parenting

January 30th, 2019 · 47 mins 16 secs

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Episode 022: Single Parenting

00:46 Single parenting is becoming more common...

  • ... but events can feel ostracizing.
  • Logistics are hard to navigate.
  • There are full-time and half-time single parents.

04:06 It takes a village

  • Having a support system. (Friends, neighbors, family members)
  • Non-nuclear families / modern family situations.

10:55 Dating as a single parent

  • Introducing kids to significant others.
  • When is it appropriate?
  • When kids do/don't get attached to partners.

21:27 Challenges and eases of single parenting

  • Drama: engaging and avoiding.
  • Making decisions solo vs with someone else.
  • Holding onto resentment/anger/confusion/disappointment towards the other parent.
  • Questions from kids as they get older.
  • Sometimes you just want to quit!

35:15 Supporting single parents

  • Talk to them.
  • Don't ask intrusive questions.
  • Don't assume single parents live off of child support.
  • Just don't assume, period.

39:43 Genius / Fail Moments

  • Mandy: Her daughter made sure she had Christmas presents. (#Genius)
  • Allison: Her son specifically wants to donate to a hospital on a beach that helps Jewish boys with broken bones that are healing. (#Genius)
  • Jess: Took her son's stuffed animal on adventures because he forgot him at home. (#Genius)
  • KWu: Her son is trying awesome new foods and less than 50% ends up on the floor! (#Genius)

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Mandy Moore
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