008: Remote Work with Kids

June 20th, 2018 · 54 mins 8 secs

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Episode 008: Remote working with kids

00:37 Who all works remotely?

02:30 Working remotely with kids at home

Lifestyle choice
Nursing and alternate schedules
Spouses working from home as well

06:00 Working remotely before and after having a child

The difference between working from home with a spouse also working from home vs. not
Hard starts and stops to your day

10:00 JC forgets pickup

11:00 Dealing with interruptions

This classic example
Interruptions from your spouse vs. the kid(s)

15:00 Allison joins

15:45 Do companies who accept remote work also do better at understanding flexible schedules and work/life balance?

Tyranny of the green dot on Slack
What are the expectations of being remote?
Do we feel guilty about doing "life" or kid stuff during the work day?

19:53 Being a remote worker vs. being on a distributed team

Understanding working hours
Helping colleagues be more purposeful about working hours and communication

23:00 Shared calendars and communicating hours to your team

slack notifications and snoozing
google calendar work hours
basecamp Tools

24:00 Based on Cate's blog post Going in to an office established a lot of defaults for a team and working remotely it helps to be more explicit

25:30 Being in the office is nice because you get to talk to other adults. How do you deal with isolation?

Going to stores
Being in the coffee shop
Parenting groups and daycares
Playdates with other kids
The difficulty of coworking and coffee shop working while pumping
Leads to great isolation which is pretty difficult
Rant about when people tell you to be social while pumping (spoiler: it's not that easy!!)

31:00 Being home instead of going out as a matter of priorities

What do you want to have time for?

33:00 Listener Question!! Our first!! It is so exciting!!!

When is the right time to introduce screens to your child and how did you do it?

Allison introduced games first, mostly on flights. When Allison introduced tv shows, she tried to make it educational like Daniel Tiger, PBS shows, etc.
Talking to your child about what they watched and what they learned
KWu thinks what screen time and for what purpose. And introduce something, see the effect and make changes from there.
JC said as you have more kids, it's harder to control media and screen time. Having structure around things is very important.
Josh remembers lots of research but can't remember when they introduced screens
Andy says do it collectively and sparingly
KWu says that technology and watching things can be used as bonding time and can focus on artistic or creative endeavors as opposed to isolating
JC talks about use of imagination using programs like minecraft.

45:00 Genius / Fail moments

JC - my daughter has been playing softball and she looked at pictures of herself batting and fixed an issue! She was resilient and didn't get discouraged. #Genius
Allison - Everything is a genius and fail right now. My son's preschool teacher told me that he's doing fantastic #Genius
Josh - my daughter has guinea pigs named Ana and Elsa and one of them fell which led to a visit to the vet. There they found out Ana and Elsa are male which led to a great discussion about gender and what gender means. #Genius
KWu - Marriage win! We started watching the Americans together and it is so nice to be doing something together and have something not household related to talk about. #Genius
Andy - After a difficult day, my daughter wrote "I love you daddy, even when you're grumpy" #Genius? or #Fail?

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