007: Learning After Kids

May 23rd, 2018 · 54 mins 13 secs

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Episode 007: Keeping up to date with tech

00:27 Welcome back Allison

01:00 Today topic: Learning during the work day

02:47 It's ok if learning doesn't happen when your kids are little

04:14 Learning if you're a single parent is more difficult

It's more difficult if you don't have a partner to hand things off to
Real talk: you will always just have less time

7:15 Choices and Bringing your laptop along

Being efficient and aware of the time you have
But don't burn out

12:36 The pressure to always be learning

Pros and cons to these feelings
How it relates to burn out
How it related to work/life balance

15:35 Staying competitive in the industry

Tools, tips, and tricks

18:36 Learning staycations

22:33 Know how you learn and setting goals

Knowing how you learn is really important
How much do you want to learn? To what extent? etc.

23:34 Learning while you're on the clock

Convincing your employer to give you time to learn
Selling learning time to your boss

34:36 External groups like meetups, slack, etc. are extremely important for having a peer group to learn from

Support groups are super important
Coworking locally is even helpful if you can't make it to meetups, etc.

37:10 Genius / Fail moments

Chris - Conference swag as gifts for kids when you get home #Genius
Allison - I get to do 3 because it's been a while. I started a subscription to Le Tote so I can get new clothes that are nursing and postpartum body friendly #Genius
Baby has been sleeping for the entire podcast #Genius
My son didn't realize he could get out of his room on his own in the morning and he thought he had been left home alone #Fail
Josh - Labo is a set of projects made out of cardboard and it's integrated into a Nintendo Switch. It's awesome, but we haven't had a chance to do it yet. #Genius
JC -We're participating in the mulch fundraiser. My kids had to go out and hustle and sell mulch, cover fees, etc. But the fail was that my 15 year old had a snarky answering machine message on his phone and he lost a sale as a result. #Genius turned #Fail

53:00 Contact Us!

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