009: Planning Childcare at Conferences

July 11th, 2018 · 55 mins 32 secs

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Episode 009: Planning Childcare at Conferences

00:25 We're joined by Abby Phoenix today

01:00 When did childcare at Ruby Central events start?

started in 2015 and have now been at 6 conferences
The intention is to always have childcare at RailsConf and RubyConf

03:37 Where to start when you want to have childcare at your conference

Treat it as any other vendor
Go to the conference venue and ask for recommendations
Ask for recommendations from the hotel, local user groups, etc.

6:10 Smaller conferences

Smaller conferences are a little more difficult but also easier because if it's in the same location every year you can use the same provider year after year

7:30 Very important that childcare is based in the city of the conference

They know how to get around
They have alternative options
They are on time
They have the equipment they need

9:10 How many people use childcare at conferences?

Typically 5-7 kids
Usually younger children especially since RubyConf and RailsConf are during the school year so most older children are in school
Always a question of whether or not a parent can make it work because bringing a child to a conference can be challenging

13:45 Lactation room is also offered

Visibility is very important
It is important that it is known in the community that childcare and lactation rooms are available at these conferences
What to call the lactation room?
How it works at a conference to make sure you don't get walking in on and to make sure it is easy
The lactation room has outlets and a fridge.

20:20 We tangent about all the things we can't wait to forget as parents

Wiping bums
and more

21:30 Lactation rooms are really easy to put in place as a conference organizer

22:20 What have been the biggest challenges of providing childcare at a conference?

There were things we did not know to ask when we started and so now we have a list which is helpful
Abby goes in to which questions they have started to ask

26:00 What do you wish you could provide?

Evening childcare so parents can do things.
They will try to work with childcare providers to offer after-hours care but can't provide it themselves

31:00 Childcare is often tailored to 1-5 year olds

Most of the participants are younger

32:00 Mandy talks about what you can do with an older child at a conference

Is it worth it to bring an older child to a conference?
What conferences have a "kids track"?
How to engage older kids at conferences?
The childcare provider will often tailor childcare towards the age range of the children there

39:30 What are the costs involved for organizers and participants

Participants are not charged for using childcare
Discussion about costs in different cities

44:00 Genius / Fail moments

Allison - My daughter has had a rough few weeks and loves being bounced on a ball but it's tiring for me and hurts my back, so I put her on the ball, tummy down, bounced her, and it calmed her down and she got gas out #Genius
Andy - After a difficult day, my daughter wrote "I love you daddy, even when you're grumpy" #Genius? or #Fail?
Mandy - My daughter got the principals award for having a positive attitude, was responsible, did homework, and more. I was very proud! #Genius
KWu - I'm on call for the week and so I set up a daybed in the office and negotiated with my husband that after the wake-ups, I would go to the office and turn off the monitor and be off duty for a few hours #Genius
Abby - My daughters are very picky eaters. My youngest will eat waffles that she'll eat for breakfast. Recently she brought one over to me and said, "mommy I really like these. I like that there is candy inside" #Fail
With my oldest, I asked her to describe her perfect meal and I thought she'd talk about candy or ice cream but she said "My perfect meal is a cheese plate" and so from then on every night has been a cheese plate for dinner, which to her means little bits of a variety of food #Genius

54:00 RubyConf is coming!

Find more information at @rubyconf and rubyconf.org has some information right now.
Registration will open in August or September

54:40 Contact Us!

Email us to ask questions.

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