010: Doing Good with Our Children LIVE! From Ruby For Good

August 15th, 2018 · 45 mins 30 secs

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Episode 010: Doing Good with Kids, Live Episode

00:50 We're LIVE from Ruby For Good

02:30 How do we make our kids do good?

School is a good place to start. There are lots of options for kids and parents to start out.
We talk about different activities at different ages, preschool to high school

03:37 Where to start when you want to have childcare at your conference

Treat it as any other vendor
Go to the conference venue and ask for recommendations
Ask for recommendations from the hotel, local user groups, etc.

5:30 Various programs are mentioned

For Girl Scout cookies you can purchase a cookie to have sent to troops overseas
Girls on the Run each session has a theme related to "good" things

6:40 For young children, focus on having the conversation

What does it mean to do good things? We talk about PJ Library and Tikkun Olam
Simple things are good like the Dawn soap that you can use to tell a story
Box Tops can be taken to school
The more exposure, the better

9:50 Bring the kids along

At this conference, bringing kids can help them see that we're doing good things. It also happens when kids see you packing up food for shelters.
The more exposure you have, the better
JC talks about how they help people move a lot. Religious institutions are also a good way to find opportunities.
Mandy talks about doing something nice for a homeless person and the conversation that resulted from that action

13:30 Helping family is also a good option

Helping family members and grandparents can be very important.
Finding places with family and extended family or neighbors to do good things for is really great.
Helping our kids be aware of opportunities to help others is key

17:00 The News

We talk about what's going on in the world and how we help our kids understand them.
Do we bring our children to rallies? or marches? What is the importance of talking about what is going on in the news and being aware of how it affects our children, the world, and others.
How do we support our children if they want to participate in walk-outs or some of the activism happening with our kids these days?

21:20 - 22:53 Trigger Warning: We talk a bit about the Parkland Shooting and gun violence related to our children

23:00 What do we do for the world for our kids?

Beyond involving our kids, we get involved in issues that affect the world our children are growing up in
Like elections, environment, infrastructure, etc.
Writing letters to the Senate can be incredibly important so that funding continues for life changing programs.

26:30 Showing kids that doing good is also bi-directional. You give and you get.

Local tech stuff, mentoring, starting a Women Who Code chapter and more

29:00 Monetary donations are also great

Sometimes you're not going to be able to do things hands-on, giving money is also important
Involve kids in where to donate
Allow children to allocate money to a charity or charity type
Birthdays are a great opportunity as well, money to charity instead of gifts

34:00 Genius / Fail moments

Allison - We sleep trained our daughter! We were going to wait but we didn't and it's worked out really well. #Genius
JC - Teenager was being a teenager and we took him off the Spotify premium family plan. #Genius
Chris - My son doesn't enunciate always and we had a Trader Joe's chicken in the freezer and we called it Emergency Chicken. One day Lars was in class and said Emergency Chicken is his favorite food. #Fail
Mandy - I've been super busy this conference season and end of the school year and I missed an email from a teacher which apparently said there were portfolio reading. My daughter was super sad and I just missed it. But I'm making up for it! #Fail

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