006: Screen Time

April 18th, 2018 · 48 mins 19 secs

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Parent Driven Development

Episode 006: Screen Time

00:17 Today topic: Screen Time

03:10 Screen time limits

How do we set limits for our children and their devices

06:59 Other people's screen time policies

Negotiating our screen time policies versus other parents opinions

09:16 Is all screen time the same?

Does it matter what types of activities our children are engaging in on their screens? How do we teach our children the different between good content and bad content?

21:00 Explaining our own relationships to devices

We carry digital devices around all the time: how do we explain that to our children? How can we model good behavior?

26:23 Screen time limits per activities

The discussion turns to setting screen time limits per activity, and helping kids budget their time

Circle by Disney

30:57 What each of us do for screen time in our households

Each of the hosts states for the record what our current screen time policies are

38:47 Genius / Fail moments

Josh - Preordering gifts from business trips from Amazon. #Genius
KWu - Introducing new foods early with Spoonful One (link), scientific experiments to introduce new solids #Genius
Sarah - "Helpful coupons" artwork #Fail

47:00 Contact Us!

Use your screen time to contact us!

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Josh Puetz
Sarah Olson
Katherine Wu