049: Arit Amana

July 22nd, 2020 · 34 mins 24 secs

About this Episode

Parent Driven Development

Episode 049: Arit Amana

01:50 Welcome, Arit!

  • Software engineer
  • Mother of two, 8 and 3 years-old
  • Background in public health

02:50 Panel check-in

  • Pandemic times
  • Adjustment for the kids, work and home life
  • Stress level through the roof

06:20 Childcare Responder Duty while WFH

18:35 Arit jumps into a new role - Dev Community

  • Open source coding
  • Async communication style
  • Flexible during the day with her youngest child
  • Arit’s older son helps by taking care of his school work on his own

23:45 Work-life boundaries

  • Allison works few weeks on, to take a day or two off

24:55 Genius / Fail moments

  • Arit has success by taking the kids out for a walk after work that get her youngest sleeping through the night #genius
  • Kwu’s daughter has some spit up discovered on her crib sheets post nap, unsure of what happened.. #geniusfail
  • Chris and his wife are both working longer even though they are not commuting to work and dinner keeps getting pushed back later and later.. 10p late #genius because everyone is aligned even though hours aren’t typical
  • Allison has a win by sharing photo journalism with her five-year-old son and keeps him occupied while also sharing some solid knowledge.

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