050: Agile Household with Yvonne Marcus

August 5th, 2020 · 32 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

Parent Driven Development

Episode 050: Agile Household with Yvonne Marcus

Yvonne is a home system strategist, mom of two, lover of Girl Scout cookies, cake, craving song parodies and getting outdoors with the family. She is on a mission to revolutionize everyones view of #MomLife. She is the creator of your Agile Home, a four-week course that looks to get your family together, feel like a valued member of the team, instilling autonomy and having fun!

00:50 Welcome, Yvonne Marcus

  • Background in TV production
  • How Agile Home came about
  • Bringing Agile into her home
  • Establishing family values

07:10 When and how is Agile executed in Yvonne’s house?

  • WFH, toddlers and setting values
  • Run as SCRUM
  • The sprint process, and day-to-day process

10:40 Are the kids involved?

13:09 Accountability without the nagging

  • Assignments to the person with the more strengths in that specific area

14:45 How do we get skeptical families on board?

  • Start with the daily stand-up
  • Start on your own, showcase success, then show those with doubts

18:50 Quarantine times

  • Get rid of #MomGuilt !

20:00 Genius / Fail moments

  • Kwu’s children have both fallen to the ground from various chairs in the past week… #fail
  • Chris Sexton and his wife didn't have any troubles with a PDD Twitter poll.. #win
  • Arit creates a schedule for her son for his Zoom class and school work after realizing her son kept coming to her with every question #geniusfail
  • Chris Arcand’s son is starting to say anything and everything he feels. Sassiness to come #fail
  • Yvonne becomes the fun mom by dying her kids hair #genius
  • Allison and her partner create space for “virtual travel” for her to prepare for GitHub’s satellite conference #genius

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