035: Summer Vacation

November 20th, 2019 · 43 mins 40 secs

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Episode 035: Summer Vacations


00:35 Summer vacationing as a kid vs. adult

  • The hosts reflect back on their experience of summer vacation as a child vs. what their kids experience now.
  • How much do kids actually remember on these family vacations?
  • Loads and loads of driving!!

06:52 Flying vs. driving

  • The views!
  • You can either see more of the places in between or more of the place you’re going to
  • What does your family value more?
  • Is the classic road trip only nostalgic?

10:20 KWu's travels

  • KWu becomes a foodie in Paris!
  • Winter ski trips
  • KWu thinks it’s a good start to travel domestically before going internationally with her own children

12:06 Involving the kids in travel plans

  • Get the ideas of what the kids are actually interested in to make for a better vacation

14:13 Take the kids anyways

  • Kids may end up being grumpy anyways, so let's take them along regardless

14:50 Older kids remember more

  • Super rewarding as a parent to hear positive feedback from the kids on a successful vacation
  • Playing name that tune on the car ride home - the feeling that may actually last in our kids memories.

17:11 Yearly vacations and sporadic trips

  • Chris plans a yearly beach trip with family as the designated time to get together
  • Annual cousins week
  • Josh’s daughter gets real about wanting to go to new places and experience new things during summer trips
  • JC takes the kids on an annual beach trip but mixes it up with locations

20:13 Let your kids bring friends on vacation

  • Josh finds success having his daughter bring a friend on a weekend getaway
  • Built in play buddies when friends come along

23:01 Sporting events with kids and friends

  • Built in getaways with friends
  • Typically less drama
  • Other parents around to mingle with and relax

23:43 Vacationing with another family

  • Allow the kids to be with kids, and adults to be with adults
  • Share responsibilities of who is caperoning #parentinghack
  • But do the parenting philosophies match up?!

26:50 Different screen time rules

  • Josh’s daughter is a mini Zuckerberg while her comrades are a bit behind
  • A friend to Chris's kids ican't seem to put his phone away during bowling night
  • JC had a TV in the mainroom on a vacation and it became the default daily wind down

29:40 Setting ground rules for phone time before vacations

  • Josh’s daughter follow suit and uses her phone for taking pictures
  • Assigning family time without phones is best to keep everyone on the same page

33:01 Keeping things fresh during family vacation

  • Dice roll for a fresh activities
    Some of the best memories come from impulsive detours

34:36 Genius / fail moments

  • KWu’s son went out and got eaten by tons of mosquitoes causing so much itching that they eventually bleed Bath time is now a nightmare #fail
  • Chris and his wife volunteer to help out a family friend’s twins! He soon realizes the horror of having multiples
  • Josh’s daughter has been having loads of sleepovers and he’s been sending a bottle of wine for the watchful parents. Definite notion of being invited back #genius
  • JC’s oldest graduated high school, planning for college and is working hard over summer break. #proudparent

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