059: Hiring and Interviewing

December 9th, 2020 · 37 mins 1 sec

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Parent Driven Development

059: Hiring and Interviewing

Jess, Chris S, and Allison discuss the hiring and interviewing process in tech. They share their experience as the interviewee, as well as the interviewer. The team identifies the underlying bias in the process, good signs and bad signs, and why it's important to set up a potential interviewee in the best environment possible.

01:45 Hiring and Interviewing in tech

  • Jess writes a book and gets a new job
  • How to reduce bias in interviewing process

03:33 Tech interviews hinder parents and caregivers

  • Take-home vs pairing session
  • Hiring managers should set up the interviewee in the best possible scenario
  • 6-8 hours for a take-home test, unrealistic for caregivings

09:50 How to access talent

  • Everyway is flawed
  • Take-home - kids constantly interrupting
  • Paired - many engineers are introverted
  • Solutions: Short at-home mixed with pairing, or problem prompt

13:30 Bias

  • How to reduce: rubric for every round, being aware of the bias
  • Allison asks about parental leave, and feels the tone shift drastically
  • Legal protection, but a lot of fuzzy areas

16:45 Good signs for parents interviewing

  • Its a non-event when a child pops into the room while on a call
  • Companies reward evenly
  • Talk with team members outside the interviewing committee
  • Talk with someone you relate to on the team, mom, trans, BIPOC, etc

20:30 Bad signs for parents interviewing

  • The entire tone changes after asking about parental leave..
  • Judgmental, leadership team of non-parents

22:00 Handing flexibility

  • Ask about parental leave, primary and secondary leave
  • Be honest with needs
  • Workplace flexibility

28:37 Genius / fail

  • Jess deals with her son having accidents constantly
  • Chris and his kids play board games and jam out to all songs names satellite
  • Allison’s daughter sparks chaos when she leaves her room after bedtime… but soon learns to stay in her room to tire herself out.

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