027: Fear Mongering and Inducing Panic

April 17th, 2019 · 40 mins 10 secs

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Episode 027: Fear Mongering and Inducing Panic

Show Background Resources

01:29 Firsthand Experience?

  • Mandy's daughter had no idea about any of this until it was brought to her attention.

03:17 Momo Challenges (maybe?) Explained

06:11 What do we do as parents to protect our kids?

  • Do we lock them down from consuming all the media, or do we let them consume it and deal with it?
  • Educating our kids and guiding them when things come up.
  • Checking in with them during media consumption.
  • Being honest.

15:13 History of Moral Panics

  • Moral panics happen when young people get involved in something parents just don’t understand.
  • Do we, as technologists, have an advantage in understanding better than non-technologists?

22:15 Rules and Boundaries -- Letting Live and Letting Go

  • The "But what if?" Mindset
  • Age restrictions.
  • Ignoring the trolls.
  • Tracking/monitoring your child via GPS location.

32:03 What To Do When Things Happen

  • Flagging.
  • Reporting.
  • Calling authorities.

36:57 Genius / Fail Moments

  • Jess: Her son picked up the ukelele! (#Genius)
  • JC: Winding down involvement in extracurricular activities. (#Bittersweet)
  • Chris: Baseball as a low-pressure team sport. (#Genius)
  • Mandy: Her daughter picked up her Mimi's birthday tradition without prompting. (#Adorable)

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Jess Szmajda
Mandy Moore
JC Avena
Chris Sexton