019: Being Adults

December 19th, 2018 · 43 mins 58 secs

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Parent Driven Development

Episode 019: Being Adults

00:25 Welcome, Jonan Scheffler!

Jonan is a free-range computer sciencer at Heroku and cheerleader for hire (all major hugs accepted). He is also a board member of RubyTogether and all-around swell human being!

We recorded this episode live and in-person at this year's RubyConf in Los Angeles.

01:09 Catching Up On Sleep, Spending Time with Friends, and Spending Spousal Points

  • Conferences are NOT vacations, y'all!
  • Traveling as a job.
  • Being present at home.
  • Partying is WORK.

11:16 Communicating to Loved Ones at Home

  • Facetiming, calling, audio messaging.

18:50 Going Home / Reentry to the Parenting World

25:04 It Takes a Village... Support Systems When Away

29:30 Self-Care While Away

  • Treats!
  • Massage!
  • Movies on the plane!
  • Room service!
  • Fancy coffee!
  • Tattoos!?!

32:34 Genius / Fail Moments

  • Allison: Her son drew her a picture "so Mommy doesn't scream as much". (#Fail); Attending an anger management for parents of small children class. (#Genius)
  • Mandy: Forgot to download things to her devices on the way to LA! (#Fail)
  • Josh: Mistook a sprained ankle for growing pains. (#Fail)
  • KWu: Mistook roseola for windburn! (#Fail)
  • Jonan: Ruined waffles for his kids. (#Fail)
  • Andy: His daughter learned how to swim! (#Genius)

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