012: Traveling with Kids

October 24th, 2018 · 50 mins 3 secs

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Episode 012: Traveling with Kids

00:48 The Great Screen Debate

Today's particular panelists are all about screens while traveling as long as it's not detracting from the travel experience. Everyone agrees that screens are a great way to keep kids occupied and quiet.

08:09 Transportation Challenges, Woes, and Genius Tips

  • When your kid gets flagged on her first plane ride...
  • TSA Pre√ (Worth its weight in gold!!)
  • Download shows to devices in advance
  • Have a variety of activities (besides screens)
    • Hotel Paper & Pens
    • Books
    • Cheerios
    • ... and a Walkman?
  • Building Up Good Will with People Around You: Is it worth bribing others (with chocolate??) and socializing or should they just deal with you traveling with your kiddo(s)?
  • Use Car Services like Lyft!

24:25 Transportation + Car Seats (Deserves its own conversation, obviously.)

32:58 On-The-Go Childcare

  • Hotel Concierge - Check Yelp Reviews!
  • Make sure you know where the closest hospital/urgent care center is

37:46 We're Here. Now What?

  • Google "Top 10 things to do in X"
  • Use an app like Winnie

39:48 A Round of Helpful Hints and Tricks

  • Josh: If possible, get a hotel room with a separate bedroom.
  • Mandy: Hotels with pools are delightful. (Especially if your kids can swim on their own.) Also use Uber Eats for food delivery to the hotel if going out is undesirable.
  • Chris: Pizza chains will deliver to hotel pools for an easy pizza party. Great for traveling sports teams!
  • Allison: Bring a roll of duct tape and use a taller chair on the side of the bed to act as a bedrail.
  • Andy: Aluminum foil and a sponge!

43:42 Genius / Fail Moments

  • Allison: MilkStork: A breast milk shipping company when you're away from your infant.
  • Andy: Andy's son offered his teddy bear to a friend in need!
  • Chris: Playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii as a family activity to teach good sportsmanship and kindness.
  • Mandy: Staying on the boardwalk part of the beach on the ground level. Also, if you do a lot of traveling, save up points! Mandy uses Marriott Rewards to get free nights in select hotels for summer vacation fun!

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