015: On-Call Schedules

November 14th, 2018 · 44 mins 5 secs

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Episode 015: On-Call Schedules

00:20 Welcome, Alyson van Hardenberg!

Alyson is a Software Engineer at Honeycomb and the mother of two boys.

02:41 Pager or Baby? Which do you choose?

It was a non-issue for Alyson. One of Honeycomb's managers, before even hiring Alyson, said that she'd take Alyson's pager during "off-duty" hours as an added responsibility. They'll check in and reevaluate when her son is one.

  • Equal does not mean fair across teams.

05:07 Having On-Call Schedule Discussions

  • Special Accommodations
  • Scheduling Around On-Call Time
  • On-Call Parenting vs On-Call Job-ing
  • Working Remotely and Boundaries Around Work

11:33 Living Your Life On-Call

  • Doubling Up In Pairs
  • Escalation Policies
  • On-Call Onboarding Processes
  • Handling Outings On-Call

22:46 On-Call Team Expectations

  • Triage vs Fixing

26:04 On-Call Stories & Experiences

31:26 Hours of Coverage

  • 6PM - 9PM = The Worst Parenting Hours

33:46 Results of the 1-Year Check-in and Thoughts on Physical Pagers vs PagerDuty

### 37:07 Genius / Fail Moments

  • KWu: Taking time off from work, but still having the nanny come. (#Genius)
  • Josh: Introduced the Twilight movies to his daughter. (#Fail)
  • Alyson: Taking a Ziplock bag of snacks on long trips. (#Genius)

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