030: Moving and Traveling Internationally

May 29th, 2019 · 49 mins 59 secs

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Episode 030: Moving and Traveling Internationally

00:11 Welcome, Annyce Davis!

  • Annyce spends her day-to-day working as a Software Developer and Leader. She has specifically been focused on Android applications for the past several years. She's also an Android Google Developer Expert. This means that she spends a lot of time developing videos, blog posts, and conference talks for the Developer Community.
  • Annyce is currently the Software Group Lead at a social impact startup called Zola Electric. They provide clean, transformative energy to households that suffer from expensive, unreliable grids or have no grid access at all. She gets to help impact the lives of people across Africa by developing a high-quality Android application that’s used by their entire sales force.

01:25 Moving from the U.S. to Amsterdam

  • Fell in love with Europe about 4-5 years ago.
  • 2 years ago, had an opportunity to move for a job opportunity.

02:55 Kids' Reactions to the Prospect of Moving / Transitioning After Moving

  • Were worried about their grandparents and what the food would be like.
  • Curiousity around schooling. Now attend an International School and take Dutch language lessions twice a week.
  • Adjusting and acceptance of differences between life in the U.S. vs Amsterdam.

09:35 Logistics of Relocation to Another Country

  • A cleaning process for your life and letting things go.
  • If it wasn't sentimental, it went.
  • Renting a furnished home.
  • Take what you need to get through a few months. Shipping containers take a loooong time to be delivered.

15:20 Giving Kids Worldly Experience at a Young Age

  • Exposure to diverse cultures.
  • Status/prestige differences.
  • Blissful ignorance to certain things.

19:26 Networks of Support & Feeling American While Not in America

  • Having family send U.S. essentials!! Stock up while visiting.
  • Visiting at least once a year.

25:39 Travel Tips

  • Bring snacks.
  • Have laundry soap.
  • Wear compression socks on the plane.
  • Figure out the money situation in advance.

31:43 Traveling Without Your Kids: Maintaining Relationships

  • Having a transparent schedule.
  • Talk every day.
  • Bring souveniers.
  • Being a parent and pursuing your career:
  • Set limits.
  • Make it count when you're home.
  • When you're away, the kids will be okay. And half the time, they don't even care! (They'll just make you feel guilty leading up to the trip.)

What Do Teenagers Want? Potted Plant Parents

45:37 Genius / Fail Moments

  • KWu found convenient vegetables! (#Genius)
  • Annyce messed up the train schedule, so they walked and tired the kids out! (#Genius/Fail)
  • Mandy didn't pay attention to where her daughter way playing. Heeeeyyyyy, poison ivy! (#Fail)

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