Mandy Moore

Co-Host of Parent Driven Development

Mandy is a single mom waitress turned entrepreneur. She specializes in quality audio processing and editing and provides complete show management for several podcasts including Parent Driven Development and Greater Than Code. She is also a contributor for The Recompiler, and the Operations Manager for Ruby Together and Cloud City Development, a San Francisco-based Senior Full-Stack Development UX UI Design Consultancy.

Women in Tech, diversity and inclusion, and getting children involved in STEM education are all causes very near and dear to her heart. She lovingly refers to her eight-year-old daughter as “Chicken”.

Together, they continue to navigate the world one day at a time, and frequently travel to conferences where Mandy can be found emceeing or podcast field reporting. Meanwhile, Chicken, is taking on the tech world herself, and experimenting with being a “famous” YouTuber, Roblox and Minecraft Champion, and young robotics maker, while touting herself DanTDM’s #1 Fan.

Mandy Moore has hosted five Episodes.